Locations: Estonia, Haapsalu 


Exhibition Spatial in Evald Okas Museum
Haapsalu, Estonia
Summer 2014
Curator/designer: Mara Ljutjuk
Coauthor: Ralf Lõoke

Installation named (e)motion was made for a group exhibition held at Evald Okas Museum in Haapsalu, Estonia. We worked together with a friend and colleague, architect Ralf Lõoke for an extended period of time before the opening. We prepared a project and organized some heavy machinery and experts to the site to achieve our goal.

Our aim was to move the big tree in the museum yard, planted by Evald Okas himself in mid-50s, to a more relevant place, conforming better to the current use of the building. Today the tree is conveniently in front of the gallery door, making it more comfortable to view and pay respects to the famous landmark.   

© Ott Kadarik