China: Chongqing, Guangzhou,
Hong Kong, Kunming, Xian. 

Tibet: Lhasa
Japan: Hiroshima, Katsura, Nagasaki, Osaka, Tokyo

What Did the Tiny People from the Pupils Tell?

Street photography Exhibition in VB Valokuvakeskus
Kuopio, Finland
Autumn 2016

Street photography Exhibition in Arhitektuurimuuseum
Tallinn, Estonia
Spring 2014

Following our daily routes in our daily environment we encounter the same people in the same places and in the same situations. Our bored soul cries out for something totally different. Consistency of our sweet little life seems so tediously vain and vainly tedious.
Text: Indrek Rünkla

Pictures are like openings into a different world. Whenever pictures form an exhibition, those openings have to be sufficiently large and deep to accommodate us with our most different daily routes and routines.
Should anybody wish, those images form a single big hole opening into a distant exotic culture – like a snapshot album of a tourist. But we need not look at things like that.
If You wish, those images help to widen an opening for an architect to a better understanding of the structure of the world. But few of us would look at this exhibition like that.
If You want, You can see a splendid show of street phopography where the camera remains invisible but its presence enables us to experience those moments with somebody else's eyes. If You do, You will share my envy for the pleasure of taking those shots.
If You can, You will see fragments of distant everyday that resemble those of Your own. Your glance will reflect back to Your own life and help You make friends with Your daily existence. Looking at things that way, each image becomes a small world that extends beyond the frame not just to combine into a beautiful scene but also to be an example of a differently disposed life with differently tedious places, people and events.
Ott Kadarik is showing us life in distant Asian metropoles, conciliating us at the same time with our local existence at the margins of anywhere. The reconciliation takes place through the special way of seeing things. He is our friend, he is also friends with life and world. Let the friends of my friend be my friends too.

© Ott Kadarik