Locations: Japan. Tokyo

Tokyo House


I have captured the fading beauty of tiny and old houses in the ever-changing cityscape of Tokyo. These little houses, examples of vernacular architecture in Tokyo, are slowly disappearing, replaced by newer buildings that lack their unique character and charm.
As I wandered through the streets of Tokyo, I stumbled upon these hidden treasures tucked away in narrow alleys or standing resiliently amidst the bustling city. Some are derelict and abandoned, with wild plants reclaiming their territory, while others showcase unconventional designs in unexpected places.
These houses hold stories of the city's past, etched into their walls and preserved in faded glory. They are a testament to the passage of time, standing as witnesses to Tokyo's history. Each house has its own personality, with its history etched into its walls and its mysteries waiting to be unravelled. Each creaky floorboard, each peeling paint, and each weathered texture spoke volumes, capturing my lens with their evocative beauty.
As the city evolves and modernizes, these self-generated houses, built based on the needs and preferences of their owners, are gradually disappearing, taking away a layer of the city's cultural heritage. They represent a disappearing way of life, where the old and new collide, and Tokyo's unique identity is reshaped.
My obsession with these unique houses has resulted in a growing archive of images that keeps expanding! I can't resist taking a snapshot whenever I encounter a good one, which happens often. Through my lens, I aim to capture and preserve the fading charm of these houses, inviting you to join me on this visual exploration of Tokyo's vanishing architectural heritage. Let's celebrate the beauty of these hidden gems, which stand as a testament to Tokyo's rich history and cultural diversity before they are lost to time. Join me on this journey through the Tokyo House series as I invite you to experience the beauty and intrigue of these tiny, old houses that have stood the test of time in the ever-changing landscape of Tokyo.

© Ott Kadarik