Locations: Estonia: Aidu, Lasnamäe, Saaremaa.
Japan: Tokyo. China: Chongqing

Secret life of gardens

Group Exhibition in Kumu Art Museum Tallinn, Estonia
Summer to Autumn 2013
Curator: Eha Komissaarov
Coauthor: Mihkel Tüür

Illustrations for two different projects by KTA. Both of them describe the possible future of places in Estonia. First of them is a landscape recovery project for Aidu mining area and its called Aidu Pyramid. Four collages describe how it could appear, if the pyramid will be built after few centuries. The other four images are for our proposal for Venetian Biennale 2012. It was called Makrorajoon and it dealt with vast suburban areas of Tallinn and how those districts will change in the distant future when our recourses are depleted.

© Ott Kadarik