Locations: Japan, Tokyo

International Panorama vol. 2

Exhibition in Tallinn Art Gallery
Tallinn, Estonia
Summer 2010

Dystopic collages of real places in Tokyo and mixture of 3D renderings create new strange locations with familiar, but peculiar names. Places like Minamisuna-tatsumitō, Ochahijiri-dōkutsu, Yoyogi-shiohamabori, Yashiosan, Minato-shinagawabashi, Shibaura-daikō, Roppon-sumitani, Roppon-ōshimagawa, Tessenju, Sumiyoshi-hashibagasu sound like true Tokyo locations, but in fact they are fictional. Each of those toponymies is inspired by the realworld areas in Tokyo, where the different images for the collage are shot. Rendered layer twists your mind towards the human devotion for progress and our urban future. 

© Ott Kadarik