Akiko - my partner since 2007, captured in film during our engagement in 2005. These images embody the unique language of our shared life - humor, mystery, connection - all conveyed through the windows of Aki's soul, her discerning eyes. She's more than my wife; she's been the catalyst, the constant in all my creative pursuits.

This series showcases Aki in various scenarios, always partially concealed behind everyday objects. The result? A playful peek-a-boo of sorts, with half her face obscured, a twist on the conventional, provoking intrigue and humor. Her eyes, the only constants, project her essence amidst the obscured frames, making each photograph an inside joke, a shared secret between us.

From being my muse to mothering our daughters, Aki's influence spans my personal and creative worlds. The photos highlight her spirit - partially hidden, fully captivating, and profoundly influential in every frame of our shared life story.

© Ott Kadarik